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Tips to Make the Trigonometry Proving Easier

Trigonometry is a very challenging topic that many students fail to understand. It is not only in class 10th but also in higher classes like 11th and 12th this topic is crucial. Even there are many complicated problems in trigonometry higher education classes, which requires conceptual understanding. One among them is proving questions. We bet that you are also facing several challenges in solving such questions.

So, do you want to know what tips and tricks you need to follow? This guide is the best one to refer to and decode the tricks. If you are a student with a trigonometry problem, below are these tricks.

How to Make the Trigonometry Proving Questions Easier

1. Complex Side Should Be the First Priority

If you are solving the Maths question based on proving, you might be aware of LHS and RHS fundamentals. This is a complex side that puzzles many students. But you have to draw a conclusion and match both side values. So, the simple trick to tackle such difficulties is to start with the complicated side.

Why the complicated side? If you start solving the complicated side, you will have to eliminate some terms, and you can get the final solution. After solving the complicated side, once you draw the right conclusion, you will get the right answer. As a result, the desired outcome is in front of you. Only the matter of concern is to follow the right solving approach.

2. Highlight everything into sine and cosine

If you have studied trigonometry, then you are aware of the fact that most of the formulas are in sine and cosine expression only. Even tan, sec, cosec are further expressed into sine and cosine. Therefore, if you want a standard expression of the trigonometric formulas, then we suggest that both expressions are the best.

3. Combining terms is also a crucial

There are two terms on one side and now you can take them on to another side. Remember you have to combine them into a single fraction. But do not forget to put denominator and numerator terms in those fractions. Just follow the right solving approach and get accurate results. The term combination is also an important part that you need to consider because it gives a proper understanding about how to approach questions.

Same approach you have to follow in solving binomial theorem questions. Just combining terms is what you need to consider. Also, while doing the same, kindly calmly solve questions. Or else there are chances that you will make very many mistakes. Get your calculation skills on tips and then proceed further with solving questions.

4. Squares of trigonometric identities

Have you ever read about the formula sin²x+cos²x=1? Yes you may have because this is a popular formula in this module. So, if required you can replace the number one by squares of addition of sin and cos. It will make your job easier and you can get the accurate result in no time. Or else you will have to invest extra time and effort that will make your job monotonous and learning a tedious job.

5. Use simple formulas as well

What is (a±b)2 ? Yes you guessed it right, that is a2+b2±2ab. And we assure you that such formulas you have to use in trigonometric questions as well. So kindly not forget your basics and get well-versed with such concepts. Simplification also becomes an easier task if you memorise such formulas. So, do not forget your basic knowledge. It will help you every time in solving questions. Remember them!

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